Electronic Hip Hop Duo Young Futura Debuts New EP "Patience"

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Get ready to experience a whole new sound now that Young Futura has dropped their new EP, “Patience”.

The duo, which is made up of Beau Young Prince from Washington DC and French producer Futura, have teamed up to create a genre-bending sound that mixes hip hop, R&B, and electronic music. Both artists take their experience from working with other musicians and rappers like Trey Songz, 50 Cent, GZA, and The Cool Kids to create a unique sound that also feels slightly familiar.

The duo said, “With our debut EP, we wanted to introduce listeners to a sound we have been cultivating for quite some time. Blending electronic sounds and syncopated dance rhythms with classic hip-hop wordplay creates a fresh feeling reminiscent to the feeling of the 90s. It’s something classic with new overtones. It’s the simple joy of making something that people can dance to, but also has classic hip-hop elements.”

You can stream “Patience” by Young Futura below.

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