NBA Commissioner Adam Sliver bans Donald Sterling for LIFE! (Video)

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Nearly the entire world will be watching recently appointed NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s biggest decision yet, to repair or destroy the Clippers franchise. The big elephant in the room for the league is regarding the immediate future of Los Angeles owner, Donald Sterling. TMZ acquired a recorded conversation from Sterling’s mistress, which he made several racist comments at minority acquaintances she would periodically showcase on Instagram.

This would soon receive obvious backlash from not only NBA, but nearly every media outlet and fan in the country. Although this has been a major PR nightmare for the league, Silver will have to make a big decision at 2pm ET, to decide the fate of Sterling and his current ownership of the LA Clippers. Keep refreshing for up to the minute updates from the live press conference and the final verdict on potential punishment.

Donald Sterling has been banned for Life and fine $2.5 Million.

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