NFL Aiming To Extend Playoffs In 2015

Yesterday at the NFL's competition committee, commissioner Roger Goodell said it will be one of the league's biggest priorities to extend to the playoff field in 2014 with the possibility of adding two more teams to the postseason in time for the 2015 season. The NFL currently has 12 teams that make the playoffs every year with, with the two top seeds getting a bye for wildcard weekend.

The addition of two more teams for each conference will take away one pre-season game, limiting the NFL to only having 3 per year and get right to action. NFL has current restrictions that limit the final week of pre-season action televising nationally. In our eyes, this move is seen for more money the NFL can make with the players' salaries increasing versus having an added unnecessary game added onto the season. We're expecting fans, players and owners of the elite teams not to be in favor of the possible added bonus of games, but those out there in the smaller markets who don't get the add-revenue major cities have will like their chances of making it the playoffs as sadly a 7-9 team.

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