Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper & Gary Payton Talk About the Warriors Season (Video)

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With the Golden State Warriors inching closer to beating that Chicago Bulls 1995-96 and only three games left in the season, all the talk around the NBA is whether or not they can tie or beat the record. Golden State didn’t want to buy into the hype, but finally caved the past few weeks.

In a talk among legends, Scottie PippenRon Harper and Gary Payton sat down to talk to each other about that infamous Bulls team that has the record and how they achieved it.

According to Pippen, they never even tried to go for it because their lifestyle at the time didn’t accommodate it. The team just went out there and played hard every game and used their superior defense to hold opponents back, while the offense was going full throttle.

Pippen also said he’s happy for his good friend Steve Kerr and doesn’t want to see the Warriors beat the record, but records are meant to be broken, so it makes him happy to hear someone is at least contending for their crown. Interestingly, they touched on the new game versus the old game and Pippen mentioned Jordan would be even better if he played in today’s league.

But like they said at the end of the clip, “72 and 10 don’t mean a thing without the ring.”

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