Snapchat's Users Aren't Happy With The New Update

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Snapchat’s new major update was poorly received by an overwhelmingly large number of users, who took it to social media to show their outrage. 


Here is what changed: 

-Swiping left reveals a Friends page that lets you see your chats with friends, but also all of their Snapchat Stories.

-The Friends panel is now ordered based on an algorithm that works out who you like to chat with the most.

-Swiping right now takes you to a redesigned 'Discover' page, which surfaces videos from people you aren't friends with – like publishers and creators.

-Discover used to be arranged in a horizontal pattern, but now it's a full-screen layout that lets you scroll vertically. It's now ordered based on what Snapchat thinks will be the most relevant content for you, based on what you typically click on.

-Your own story is now managed through your profile page

-Group Chats will automatically get their own group story.


Despite all negative comments and requests to bring the old version back, Snapchat's creators are “willing to take that risk for what [they] believe are substantial long-term benefits to [the] business” and ask users to “give it a chance”.

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