The ‘Stache Brothers Release 'Westbrook for MVP’ PSA (Video)

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The talk surrounding this year’s NBA season is the amazing play of OKC's Russell Westbrook. Despite the perfect triple doubles, he may still not be given MVP because he's being hammered for 'selfish play'. Last night, Westbrook put of a perfect 6/6 from the field and 6/6 from the free throw line. Making his performance the first perfect triple double in NBA history. We haven't seen any player since the great Oscar Robertson put up these type of numbers, especially at Russell Westbrook's size. With over 30 thus far, Westbrook is on pace to breaking the NBA record in the most triple doubles in a season. With is team in the playoff race, currently standing 6th in the Western Conference, we don't see a reason Russell Westbrook shouldn't win MVP.

The ‘Stache Brothers (aka Steven Adams and Enes Kanter) believe the same. As they taken to twitter to give a PSA hailing their teammate, Russell Westbrook as the best of the year. Admitting to loving Westbrook more than The Notebook, puppies, trees and their mustaches, lol.

He's absolutely got our vote for MVP. Does he have yours?

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